Targeted Outreach and Engagement

MDM develops targeted outreach strategies to share key messaging and raise awareness with stakeholders and key influencers across the digital landscape. Strategic engagement with target audiences, developed through extensive research, facilitates stronger communication between our clients and their stakeholders, building trust and encouraging users to become brand ambassadors. MDM utilizes proprietary methodologies to grow our clients’ social media follower base across all channels, exposing their content to a broader audience and amplifying awareness of their value proposition.

A recent study from the University of Illinois College of Business found that investors exhibit higher levels of trust and are more willing to invest in a firm when the firm communicates through social media.

Content Strategy

An effective content strategy is a key component to a successful corporate communications campaign. MDM works closely with our clients to develop high quality content that conveys their business objectives and key messaging to their target audiences; investors, advocacy groups, partners, key opinion leaders, and the media. Consistent content generation and community management allow our clients to control what information is most visible to stakeholders online. We manage our client’s digital channels to ensure content is delivered in a safe and responsible manner, when it will have the most impact and attract new audiences.

Real-Time Listening and Reporting

Understanding how a company is discussed and perceived is a crucial component to a successful digital campaign. MDM continually monitors the digital landscape for all conversations and mentions relevant to our clients. Real time listening is fundamental for the development of effective communication strategies, highlighting binary events and managing crisis situations.

MDM mines in-depth analytics to create predictive models of online user behavior in order to generate proactive digital engagement strategies for our clients. We provide our clients with comprehensive reports so they always have a clear understanding of their digital footprint and an accurate representation of how effectively they are communicating with their stakeholders

Strategic Advisory

MDM specializes in integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, its stakeholders and the financial community. We bring years of extensive experience, knowledge and expertise providing strategic counsel to dozens of small and mid-cap publicly traded companies, specifically as it relates to IPO’s, secondary offerings, PIPE’s, venture round and various M&A transactions.

Equity Intelligence

We pride ourselves in our ability to assist our clients in navigating through fluctuating market cycles, various politically charged health care agendas and technology trends. MDM understands the many facets that impact the life sciences and technology sectors, and pays special attention to the factors that will influence our clients’ market perception and activity. MDM uses traditional stock intelligence, i.e. Security Position Reports, in conjunction with tracking and monitoring analytics to determine marketplace activity and will provide valuable feedback to our clients in real time. Based on this information, MDM is able to provide management with a detailed analysis of trading in their equity; therefore, affording the company an opportunity to determine how to properly address these items in the most effective manner.

Crisis Management

An inherit risk of being a publicly traded company is the exposure to various events that can adversely impact value. Whether it’s a negative article, delayed or failed business program, or a management shakeup, crises are unexpected. They can do great harm, but, if appropriately addressed in a timely manner, companies can mitigate against some of the negative exposure that may ensue. While every crisis is unique, our approach, which is practical and at times unconventional, yields strong results for our clients.